Enrolment information

Please notify us of at the time of booking if you have a disability or any reason why you may not be able to kneel on the floor to carry out resuscitation practice, tie bandages or if you have any special needs regarding taking the written exam at the end of the day.

Minimum Pre-requisites


What to wear

You will need to wear comfortable casual clothing as we will spend a substantial amount of time kneeling or lying on the floor, bandaging and other practical applications of Senior First Aid. Writing material is not necessary - just bring a pen.

What to bring

Proof of identity: NSW Drivers License, Passport, Birth Certificate, Student Identity with Photo. See the guidelines.

Provision for Lunch: All training locations are located close to shopping centres or a cafe. If you do not want to buy your lunch please bring it with you.

Student Handbook: Outlines all policies regarding attending a Senior First Aid.